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Dear Womb-Keeper, 

many of us have swallowed the approach of symptomology within our individual healing journeys. 

We enter the Temple of the body with a cognitive agenda for extracting what doesn’t belong to us- the pieces that feel inorganic or the energies that create tension. The fears of scarcity and lack. The relationships that are tangled. The self-soothing habits. The presence of lower-frequency emotions.  

Our approach to healing stems from the impulse to fix, to rid ourselves of the dirt, and to maintain some element of control by viewing ourselves as broken (or, ultimately, in need of healing). 

In other words, we attempt to enter Sacred relationship with the body by speaking the language of the mind, which houses the borrowed ideas that we are unfinished.

There is a disconnect we will all inevitably encounter. 

The only way to bridge the gap and catalyze Quantum expansion  

within our relationships,  

our bank account,  

our work as medicine,  

and the ways in which the human interfaces with Life in synchronicity  

is to meet ourselves in the realm of Truer expression (where we come to know the blueprint of Self that is already healed), and to allow it Autonomy and active voice. 

The work we are doing for our own healing is often taking us further into the dark maze. 

There exists already a living current of cohesion with Soul- inviting us surrender deeper to the resurrection of our whole Self, as She already IS in her primal state. 

Her liberation is magnetic. 

Life moves in devotion to Her

And- She is allowed freedom through our own reclamation of Pleasure over suffering. 

These containers are reverently coded to guide Womb-keepers in the journey of becoming their own greatest Lovers, Self-translators, Healers, Wealthy Seductresses, and Sovereign Beings. 


This is the art of full Arrival. 



Structure shifting as we speak...



The very fact that you are here, in this space, means that you are standing at a threshold to higher Sovereignty. More Raw Pleasure. Untapped Abundance. 


Feel into the leap. 


"Imagine being reborn into your child body and being held by your mother or birth-giver again for the first time. Relearning how to feel into your senses, how to be nurtured and comforted when you experience pain or frustration or discomfort, how to eat, how to recognize your own Body. This is what the field that Heather holds me in allows for, the expansion of Self and re-learning to experience Life through a lens that I have not tapped into since my very very young child self was alive. To experience life through an already lived perspective, to arrive in your most true, most Divine, most potent, most pure Self. She held space for me to experience that Power already gifted to me to ebb and flow with the energies that pull me towards them, that align with my nature, and to release those things that are not in alignment to open up and allow room for new things to come in. I have never felt more Home in my Body, Mind, and Spirit than I have after entering this space with Her. I am in Love." 


"I had a big spiritual need that was going unfulfilled until I said YES to this beautiful invitation. My need was to find someone that embodied “time is irrelevant”. Someone who could utterly devote to me because this was leading me to claim the inspiration of coming home, or arriving. I needed to find my person; by this, I mean someone who could receive me in pleasure and invite me to greater depths. This was so important for me because it lead me to feel welcomed, seen, and valued for all of me. This helped me shatter any lingering worth stories. I could feel how I was received within the container to fully accept myself. The way Heather received me, my money, and my essence was delicious, and I could feel that, so it led me to feel safe, welcomed, and not hold back to being all of me in this container. Not only did she welcome my depth, she invited me even deeper. This container collapsed all. I loved the Guidance she so beautifully gifted me as I navigated what came up for me. Thank you Heather! There are no words for the intensity of how highly I recommend to work with her if you feel the pull." 

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