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The entirety of this five week, deep-cell calibration journey has come through me in waves over the past ten months, and its evolution will never reach completion
I simply get the deep honor of anchoring its geometry, here and now, in the form of invitation for you.

This is what it comes down to:


Abyssal Body is a living compass to guide you through the halls of your own energetic Human Anatomy. It gets to evolve and take on flavor as it touches you- the initiate.

Human Anatomy is multi-directional, multi-modal, and multi-dimensional. 
It’s not just the lens of the cadaver; it’s the filling. The meat. The substance of Life itself coalesced into the beating riverbed of Body.
It’s the surface waves- actively interacting and  being informed by the mundane elements,
all the way down to the trenches. 
The places where nothing photosynthesizes, perception is in way past its tippy-toes, the movement of current is miles away, and all is draped in mystery- still governed and breathed by Ancient codes.
To Self-submerge; called forth inch by inch, layer by layer, through the full substance of Body
is how we finally slip into effortless cohesion with the authentic nature of our fingerprint Human Anatomy.
The subtleties.
The twilight texts.
The surges.
The ground floor of synchronized nothingness and all.

This journey opens March 5th, and spans the course of the following five weeks. 
It will lead you through a full integration of relational movement through five zones and five multi-directional systems of Being, and teach you how to soothe the disregulated currents of engagement with all layers of your organic Self.

We'll be playing with the art of Self- submersion and 5 gradient Turn-On.

(Whew... Honestly, I fcking love fun & wild wordplay;) AND- all of this will also be raw & au natural all the way down, boo).

The Courses:

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


This Offering includes:

Five live sessions

An online group portal

Deep-Cell Integration practices

Optional 1:1 support + 5-system immersion session with me


You're willing to stop treading water for the sake of "Enlightenment", to follow the ache for Human submersion, and to taste unparalleled cohesion with Self.

You're willing to stop resisting your organic velocity, and to let God be lived through your Divine Rhythm.

You're ready to soothe the disregulated tides of your Body.

You're being called into reconciliation of your surface and sub-environments, your Karma, your realm of interface.

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