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I’m a Womb Wellness worker, Holistic Health practitioner, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Sensual Creatrix, Movement and Embodiment teacher, Reiki Master, Sovereignty-Seeker and Guide, Birth Worker, and many, many other Entities.  

Above all, I am a Self-proclaimed devotee of the Aphrodisiacs. 

It started off as a joke that passed through my lips during the erotic state of eating mussels and garlic bread soaked in white wine sauce. But throughout my years of study, apprenticeship, practice and devotion to the translation of this medicine, I’ve found nothing to be truer.  

I am in deep, unconditional devotion to all that turns me all the way on. 

Not just sexually- I mean the deep, Soul resurrecting catalysts.  

The broken dam of the stagnated pulse.

The tectonic shifts within the locked joints of our collective suffering. 

That shit is ineffably orgasmic. 

And for me, the initiation into that level of Pleasure was like navigating a minefield.  

We’re consistently inundated with holograms of the buffet- fig trees without roots whose fruits are tasteless and malnourished, leaving us craving the deep, juicy, dripping sensation of full body satiety. 


If the invitation is anywhere but inward, the journey is hollow. 

I spent years occupying my own self-claimed victimhood with my arms outstretched, waiting for anything else to do the work for me. The diet. The relationship. The education. The certifications. The “perfect” job. The gestures of service.  

The agenda. 

This reaching out- it was diluting my perception of Self by welcoming other into my geography. 


I was terrified of the ways in which my own Sovereignty 

my own collapse 

my own unraveling 

my own nakedness of Being 

my own Pleasure 

would wipe me of all control (that I never held anyway). 


It did. And... 

I began to taste my own undiluted potency in its primal form. 


I channeled Somatrix to serve as an alchemical Temple space for those of you who are on a continuous journey back to Sovereignty. For those of you who are curious about alchemizing your experience as a Womb-Keeper into your role as an embodied Wombxn and Healer (of Self, and of other).

My devotion here lies in guiding you as you resynchronize to the organic pulse of Being beneath the recycled debris and shadow identities of the Divine Feminine.

To turn the search inward, vs. navegating the external maze of capitalistic business models built on stripping power and knowledge for extended reliance.

We are not watered-down. We are embodied Medicine in our true form- breathless, heaving, kicking, belly-laughing, burning, swearing, unconditionally loving, and unapologetically Being.  

This is my only promise to you: 

I will invite you, over and over, into your own turn-on  

while unfalteringly claiming my own. 




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