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My name is Heather. 

My work is a living, breathing entity of invitation, initiation and resensitization. 


Throughout its past incarnations,  

Somatrix has manifested itself in physical form as Temple spaces across Earth 

for the Womb keepers and human translators of She; 

the Yin, the Goddess, the infinite pulse of creation, pleasure, desire, descent and death. 

This evolving collection of transmissions, codes, offerings and spaces of remembrance are yours for honoring and entraining to the Ancient dialect of Body  

as the infinite is birthed through you. 

Each space is a catalyst for paradigmatic alchemy-  

the reconstillation and translation of your Essence into nothing less than its wild,  

primal expression.  

Your untapped medicine lies deep in the journey of actively opting out  of the paradigms and agreements that fractal the rhythms of your personal cadence. 

The truest version of you is not watered down. 


This is the work of arrival.  

This is the work of Self-translation. 

This is the work of claiming Sovereignty above reliance. 

Of coming to know body as an orgasmic conduit, versus a field of muted sensation, mistrust and stagnancy. 

This is the work of Self-baptism and irreversible liberation. 

And it gets to be fucking Pleasurable. There is no other way. 


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